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Welcome to Camfly

PVC ceiling are popular all over the world including Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific countries. The buckle plates adopt a high-quality PVC material manufactured right here in South Africa. Camfly products is a stylish and elegant substitute for ordinary ceilings.

The Camfly range has the advantages of being light weight, easy to install, waterproof, moisture proof, moth proof, a virulent insipidity, corrosion resistant, durable and long lasting. What more can the Camfly range offer?. The various pattens and designs of the Camfly Range insures the most stunning combination of ceiling styles, the sky is the limit with your creativeness in creating an even more inspired way of living.

With the Camfly range also being eco - friendly and oxidation resistance, easy to clean, both sound and heat proof; Camfly is the irrefutable one stop product ceiling.

The most important aspects of any ceiling installation whether it be household or corporate is safety. Therefore it important to know that the Camfly PVC ceiling range has passed the National Fire Protection Inspection tests for fire resistance standards. With such qualities it will be difficult to find a alternative product which attains the beauty and elegance of modern architectural design and at the same time being cost effective, eco-friendly and conforms to National Health Standards.

Camfly is a proudly South African product manufactured right here in South Africa, and undergoes the strictest in house quality testing.

We challenge you to elevate your Standard of living to the next level and create the INSPIRED living space you DESERVE.


The Factory

Xionglong Trading (PTY) LTD t/a Camfly PVC Ceiligns is located in the town of Kroonstad, in the Free State, South Africa. We specialize in the manufacturing of high quality PVC Ceiligns and wall panels for local and international trade.

We are the sister company of XIONGLONG PVC CEILINGS - the largest PVC ceiling supplier worldwide - based in the city of Beijing, China.

The Camfly PVC Ceilings Factory is the first manufacturer, making professional mid to top grade PVC ceilings and other associated products in South Africa. Our factory is a division of Xionglong Trading (PTY) LTD that is a modern integrated enterprise in design manufacture and international trade.

Our company has advanced PVC Ceiling production lines, and has a complete scientific quality management system to guarantee the highest quality and consumer satisfaction. The decorative products we produce are not only easily installed but also, elegant, stylish and fashionable.

Through technological and managerial innovation, Xionglong Trading (PTY) LTD is proud to announce the new Camfly PVC Celings Range. With our capable staff and new quality production lines, we are determined and confident in taking South Africa's interior design industry into a higher level in stylish decoration.

Throughout the research and development stages of the enterprise, we always adhere to the principle of technological design. We rely on advanced mechanical machinery, technical skills and implemented automatic pipelines, complemented with a strict quality guarantee system, all to produce the Camfly model to the industry.

Advantages of Camfly

CAMFLY PVC CEILINGS were SABS and CSIR Tested and approved since the 4th February 2009. We periodically have our products retested, the latest test passed was on the 29th June 2011.

The Camfly PVC Ceiling System solves the problem of dirty, unhygienic ceilings that are difficult and expensive to clean, by providing a bright, durable and hygienic surface, which is easily maintained. This extremely practical ceiling system is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling.

PVC Ceilings has various advantages over other materials, namely they are waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, economical, maintenance free, being non-porous and non-absorbent, can incorporate flush fitted lighting, access hatches, air vents and sprinklers. The PVC Ceilings are also easy to instal and available in various colours, shades and patterns, they are hassle-free to paint over or polish.

Advantages are listed as:

  • WATERPROOF - our products are waterproof and do not expand, contract or warp when they come into contact with water.

  • TERMITE PROOF - our products are termite proof and no termites or other insects can harm the product. Unlike any other traditional material, which disintegrate when termites or insects attack it.

  • FIRE RETARDANT - our product does not burn. It has got a "B" "B1" and "B2" fire rating.

  • MAINTENANCE FREE - its closed, smooth surface means that it is extremely easy to clean using gentle household detergent dissolved in water. This also means that the product is virtually dirt resistance because there are no pores, which can be filled with dirt.

  • EASY TO INSTALL - practically any automated or manual processing is possible. It is very quick and easy to fabricate and install these products.

  • ECONOMICAL - the prices of our products are very economical even when compared to the other alternatives available in the market and apart from this deliver many other advantages. This is the reason PVC takes more share from other materials in its application.

  • DURABILITY - our products are very durable and lasts more than 20 years.

  • ANTI FUNGAL PROPERTIES - No fungi can grow PVC

  • EXCELLENT WEATHERABILITY - weather has no effect on PVC builing materials. Problems like rotting, rust etc. just don't apply. Even in specil conditions like coastal areas (salt, storms and sun) PVC is more applicable.

Fire Resistance Test Report

Camfly PVC Ceilings Fire Performance Test Report (SABS) 2116/ER153


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Our Heritage

About Us

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Our Camfly Range of Products

Please select below the appropriate online version of our catalogs or alternatively download the full electronic version.


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        For Ceiling Panels

        1. Clean the surface of ceiling.
        2. Nail wooden or steel battens(20mm - 30mm thick) into the wall and ceiling, with all the corners firstly, then on the plane with the distance of 400mm away between every wooden batten.
        3. Screw PVC profiles(cornices) on all the corners, then insert the panel into the corner profiles, then the folling panel into the first panel.
        4. Screw PVC second panel's notch side into the wooden or steel battens, then insert the third panel, then the fourth, and nail the fourth's notch side, then fifth and sixth, then...
        5. Attention for the distance and notch side panel: for the ways above is based on 250mm or 300mm wide panels, and wooden or steel battens between distance is 400mm, so every 2 panel, screw the second notch. Surely you could change the ways as per your situation presently, by way of changing the distance of the panels and the wooden or stell battens.

        For Wall Panels

        PVC Panels are easy to install. Provided the wall surface is ocmpletely flat, you may glue/silicone the panesl to the walls. If not you can only screw the boards on wooden battens. In rooms with a high humidity treated wood and stainless steel fixing should be used. Extra insulation can be installed between the battens.

        1. In case you decide not to glue teh panels to the walls, you start by placing wooden battens approx. every 30cm. To install the panels vertically, place the battens horizontally and vice versa.
        2. Continue by measuring the number of panels you will need for the wall and ceiling. If the last panel is to narrow, we advise to saw the first panel so that you have at least 4cm on either side.
        3. Start by fixing the start and edge trim(No.3) around the surface you wantto decorate. Insert the first panel into the trim. Make sure the first panel is placed perfectly straight (using a spirit-level or a thread with weight) before stapling, nailinug or screwing the lip onto the batten (every 30cm). Leave about 5mm clearance between the panel and the edge trim. A fine tooth saw is recommended for cutting the panels to size.
        4. Insert the second panel completely intop the groove before stapling (nailing or screwing) into the lip. Proceed the same way with the next panels. For the finish you can also use the internal corner profile (No. 1), the external corner (No. 2) and/or the center joint (No.4).

        Cutting the panels: Panels can easily be cut or trimmed using a hand saw, portable circular saw, table saw, jig saw or sharp utility knife. We recommend using a fine-tooth saw. The finer the teeth, the neater the cut you will achieve.

        What you have to remember:

        Use the panel for indoor uses only. The background must be sound, dry and good condition. When using the panels in high pressure shower areas, use silicon sealant in the groove on the back of the lip for a water-tight seal.
        Before fitting panels around sources of heat, for example radiators or fire places, make sure the temperature level doesn't exceed allowed level of 188F(80C).


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